David Hopkins
ASIN: B096L1G82R
Publisher: Tales from Efre Ousel (July 13, 2021)
Pages: N/A

“A finely drawn world of both deep magic and gritty human struggle.” — Independent Book ReviewThis fantasy adventure of love and loss continues with book three, A Red Moon Over Rhyll. Silbrey and her family travel to the island of Rhyll to seek an audience with High General Bren Caius. As guests in her grand palace, they discover that legends and myths aren’t always what they seem.New allies share new insights that lead Silbrey to a greater understanding of her power.Spring has arrived to the gentle rolling grasslands of Rhyll, but a danger lurks nearby that threatens everyone on the island. Silbrey must face the threat alone. The events of this pivotal third book set the course for the rest of the series—an epic story about a woman with a strange connection to the natural world.Here’s what readers are saying about the Dryad’s Crown:“A grander story is slowly starting to unfold. I ...
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