Scorch The Mystical
ASIN: B096M53LW5
Publisher: unknown
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This is issue 18 in the series and covers news from May 28,2021- Jun 3,2021. MysticPost is a daily kids newspaper (ages 7+) that covers World news, Science and Technology, Business and Innovation, Animals and Environment, Sports and Entertainment, Travel and Culture.Narrated by the four Mysticals are magical beings at MysticLand. They have a keen interest in Earth and humans, They often escape into Earth using their super powers and follow up on what humans do everyday. Verum gazes into her crystal ball to uncover world news, while Orak flips through his magical book of Everything for science and technology tidbits. Scorch hovers over business folk and sports people, while Felix expresses his love for nature with environment news.
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