Lorena Owen
Publisher: unknown
Pages: N/A

She was the opposite of what he was looking for, but everything he needed.Henry Wraxall is the most eligible bachelor and the most well-known womanizer of his era. His rakish lifestyle has provided him with every pleasure possible, but now it’s time to settle down.To find his future duchess, he decides to hold a secret dinner party. But the ladies have an impossible task; leave their homes unchaperoned. Certainly from those brave enough to attend, he will find a woman worthy of his attention.Alice Egerton is a helpless romantic. Reading her books and keeping a low profile is her cup of tea. But when her sister decides to leave their house unchaperoned, she is ready to do anything to prevent her ruination.This roguish duke is definitely one to stay away from.Surprisingly, the only lady who catches Henry’s attention is neither a debutante, nor a diamond of the first water, but a ...
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