Ash Lingam
Publisher: Lawless Waters Publishing Co.
Pages: 139

From the Amazon bestselling author of the Tonkawa Series, Texas Ranger series, and the Ridge Creek, Sundog Series — Ash Lingam brings you an exciting new western thriller, Texas Ranger Bill Vents Campfire Tales & Lies.In the dead of night, the fire lashed out at the dark, making shadows of flames dance on the faces of the men and women surrounding the campfire. Back in the times of the Wild West, this was where the simple people who worked the plains as ranchers, cowpokes, and even lawmen, much like the Texas Rangers, would tell their stories.Bill Vents had ridden with the Rangers from their very origins and stayed with the job most of his life. After many years several of the famed Rangers moved on to different places across the great American West. One of them was Capt. Rowdy Bates, who became mayor of Mayweather, California. He and the famous Boston scribbler and newspaperman, Harold ...
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