Kayla Green
Publisher: unknown
Pages: N/A

Warning: Laugh attacks, young geniuses, and unforgettable memories in the making!Do you remember whispering silly “Would You Rather” questions at school or going into laughing fits at sleepovers until parents pop in to “see what all the ruckus is about”?What about those “friendly” competitions during family game nights? On road trips? While roasting marshmallows and joking around the campfire?All those activities have one thing in common: laughter! Sometimes, all it takes are a couple thought provoking questions and a little game to foster life-long memories and relationships. Thankfully, this book provides it all!Inside, you will find:Unique and hilarious questionsA variety of funny topics - downright silly, gross, impossible to answer, and more!Game-play to foster critical thinking problem-solving skillsSilly situations to bolster imagination and curiosityClean humour - safe and ...
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