Nikolas Argentinis
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 70

Anybody can learn a foreign language online, using nothing but the internet and the strategies and resources provided in FOUR PRINCIPLES TO FLUENCY. Discover the secrets that the worlds most impressive polyglots use to learn Spanish, French, English, or any language of their choosing from the most succinct guide out there!Author Nik Argentinis has spent the entire last year learning Spanish. He started by researching how to learn any language and stumbled upon the online world of polyglots, people who learn multiple foreign languages. Argentinis put in the legwork studying their strategies and has identified the principles behind them. If you're at ground zero in your desired language, look no further than this book, and learn from someone who was in your shoes and knows your struggle.You will learn:4 proven principles for language fluency19 modern methods to achieve your goalsHow to ...
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