Annette Highsmith
Publisher: Arc-en-Ciel (June 13, 2021)
Pages: 92

“What are you willing to give up for true love?”Laura Dubois will marry the Earl of Bancroft—this she is informed of mere moments before departing to the earl’s ball. For any other lady, marrying the earl would be a triumph, thanks to his handsome fortune and sprawling estate. But for Laura, nothing could be more egregious than not following her heart. In a burst of courage, she flees the cold earl, careening into a tall man with compassionate blue eyes—eyes that make her feel safe.Percival Simpleton is not as his name suggests. Full of heart, towering, and kind, Percival helps to ease Laura’s distress, providing shelter where she might restore herself. But this fateful night in his cottage proves as transformative for the humble dairy farmer as it does for Laura, daughter to a viscount. Their sudden affection for one another leads to danger, but in the end, Percival’s beloved village ...
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