Q. Zayne
Publisher: Hughes Empire
Pages: N/A

Big, dom, and fated. Dirty-Romantic first times with fertile consequences! He has to have her. One taste... he can't stop at a single lick. They'll be expecting soon.A bargain set of potent, muscular doms claiming their voluptuous beloveds. These older alphas master curves and excel at baby-making.Excerpt:He shook his head. “Don’t know why I’m telling you all this.”The view of the vast ocean blurred at the pain in his voice.She covered his hand with her own. “Maybe because we were supposed to meet today.”He rubbed his chin and that wicked-slow smile made magic with his mouth. “I’ve been wondering that. Let’s make a baby.”You get 4 one-on-one novelettes and a Reverse Harem novella, all standalones with HEAs:Hard Flight: Bound to HimDemolition: You're MineHard Yacht: Fated to HimBought by D#d's Doctor FriendTriple Doctor Baby Makers: A wished-for Reverse HaremPlease note: This Erotica ...
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