Rachel Riggio
ASIN: B097D16CX3
Publisher: Elevated Publishing
Pages: 50

Learn how to find inner peace and fulfillment through self-awareness.This is a guide to access your own inner guru through affirmation and self-discipline. Be Your Own Guide is a book for skeptics and believers alike!This book will share concepts and techniques for self-healing that combine science and spirituality to help us understand these simple truths. Many times, discussions about energy and vibration are categorized to be hippie-dippy or new-age nonsense, but these laws of the universe directly impact our well-being. Through neuroscience, we can come to understand how the brain works. Through understanding and self-awareness, we may take authority over our thoughts.This book covers all the things that they never taught us in school, but surely should have! When you are able to discipline your mind with self-awareness, loving compassion, and gratitude, you can learn how to attract ...
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