Charlotte B. Thomason
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 286

Charlotte Thomason endured unspeakable sexual, physical, and emotional abuse at the hands of her parents and other family members throughout her childhood. What Kind of Love is this? Finding God in the Darkness, follows Charlotte as she guides her granddaughter, Angel, through her chaotic life. As the story unfolds, Charlotte is mired in doubt that anyone could love her, let alone God, and her life is torn apart by sexual addiction and mental illness. She realizes her life depends on remembering, accepting God's love, and learning to cope with her forgotten childhood trauma.WHAT OTHERS SAY ABOUT THE BOOK:How can we better understand the deep hurt carried by someone who has suffered sexual abuse? We must take the time to compassionately listen. I had the privilege of witnessing Charlotte’s progress in coming to terms with her past, then putting her life into a beautiful work of hope and ...
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