Steven Shipp
ASIN: B097NT1127
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 25

This time it is different and it is not your fault!This Blueprint was written simply because there are far too many investors, owners, and managers struggling for solutions in very difficult real estate situations. The challenges are everywhere yet resources for borrowers and those with a vested interest in real estate are extremely limited. The clear lack of resources makes a complex situation even more INTIMIDATING. Having spent 30+ years as an executive in the business of distressed commercial real estate, equity, and debt I have learned a few things along the way. It has taken me years to define the winning formula and I felt deeply compelled to bring this summary to market now as this time it is not your fault! In our post-pandemic-stricken world, many investors, owners, and managers have found themselves in default or imminent default struggling for answers.Forbearance agreements ...
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