Kristin N. Spencer
Publisher: Literary Symmetry
Pages: 86

Nia is determined to face her eighth-grade problems head on. But after her best friend moves across the country, she’s afraid she’ll be doing it alone. On top of everything else, Nia has to figure out a way to pay for college, or she will have to watch her secret dream of being an artist die.When her brother brings home a golden flyer that has the potential to solve all her problems, Nia decides she’s in. A mysterious nonprofit organization called the Friends of Daisy is looking to help one kid who needs money for college, and Nia wants it to be her. It’s time for her to go old school not just because she could win $25,000 in scholarship money, but also because she could finally make a few new friends.As Nia agrees to complete a series of whacky, ’90s-themed challenges, she learns new things not just about herself, but her family, too. Is Nia old school enough to make it through to the ...
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