Hallie Bennett
Publisher: The Arrowed Heart
Pages: 43

Anna needs a change. Her routine's become a cycle of work and home -- a true hermit's lifestyle. But with a new move and job, she's ready to build the dream life she's always wanted which starts with having a home perfect for hosting friends. The first step? Commission a custom piece of furniture that leads to a fated meeting with the handsome carpenter.Peter enjoys working with his hands. Woodworking has always been a calm escape for him until loneliness threatens his peace. But how's he supposed to find a woman holed up in his shop? Perhaps fate will have her find him because the curvy Anna looks to be just what he needs to warm up his empty bed.When Peter offers to teach Anna "wood lessons", the match is struck for a steamy union!Warning: A hot man in plaid meets the curvy girl of his dreams for an instalove so sweet, it's sure to make your teeth ache. Watch these two lonely people ...
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4.5 stars from 25 ratings
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