Mike Acker
Publisher: Advantage Publishing Group
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Did you know that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a better predictor of success than IQ?You can have all the skills and smarts, but if you aren’t great with people, your personal and professional life will always fall short of your expectations.In every sector, from teaching to manufacturing to law enforcement, brains and brawn no longer cut it. The ability to interact well with others—peers, subordinates, and clients—is what makes candidates highly desirable in today’s competitive market.Improving your EI is not about sitting in a circle and singing kumbaya. It’s about becoming a fully functioning adult who enjoys a higher quality of life in every area—within themselves, in their home, with their friends, and in their workplace.Here’s the good news: While IQ is relatively fixed—no amount of study can turn you into Albert Einstein—anyone can improve their EI.Connect Through Emotional ...
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