Raina Ash
Publisher: Pink Fox Publishing
Pages: N/A

TOP 100 IN HOLIDAY FICTION!Nicholas R. Reeves: Gorgeous. Rich. Married to his job.Stacy is a kind-hearted farm girl trying to make ends meet in the big city. The last thing she’s expecting is a passionate love affair. But once she crosses paths with handsome billionaire CEO Nic Reeves, sparks begin to fly. Too bad jealous coworkers and scandal threaten to tear them apart. Oh, and work. Nic is obsessed, but will his infatuation with Stacy prove to be the cure?In Book 1, Holiday Party Hookup, a chance meeting at a coffee shop brings Stacy to the attention of billionaire Nic Reeves. After crushing on the handsome CEO for years, it’s a dream come true. Until a jealous co-worker conspires to get her fired. When Nic bails on her at the office holiday party, will these two miss their chance? Or will the night end with a steamy encounter under the tree?In Book 2, Valentine's Day Vacation, when ...
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