Rachael Lucas
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 428

She’s locked down her heart. He’s hiding from the truth.Sometimes first love needs a second chance...♥You’ll fall in love with this sweet second chance romance set in a small town. Comes complete with a cast of characters you’ll won’t forget, and HEA guaranteed.♥Ella likes to believe she's found peace. Living in a small town with just her horses and her aunt for company, she's has finally found a place where she can forget her past. Never mind the fact that life is passing her by, and her best friend thinks she needs to get a life, find a man, and have some fun... Ella is determined to stay exactly where she isThe arrival of a small girl called Hope and her father Harry changes everything. As Ella helps the pair come to terms with their loss, she realizes that she too deserves happiness. But is it too late to find it?This heartwarming romance about family, friendship, and second chances ...
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4.5 stars from 168 ratings
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