Avalon Harper
Publisher: unknown
Pages: N/A

Abi put her life on hold to help her dad become Governor.Now she’s finally starting college and moving toward her goals.But her father has a surprise for her on her first day of classes.And ex-SEAL named Harley who will shadow her every move.Abi is horrified. She already sticks out like a sore thumb as the Governor’s daughter.And all she wants is to lead a normal life.But there are people who would hurt her to get to her father.So it’s go to classes with a bodyguard or stay locked in her father’s house.She thinks it’s an impossible choice until she sees who Harley really is.A former soldier who came home to care for his sick mother.A man of God who shows compassion and strength when she needs it most.Suddenly, she’s thrust into a life and death situation and Harley is the only one who can save her.She prays that he’ll find her before it’s too late to tell him how she really feels.
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