Etta Foster
Publisher: unknown
Pages: N/A

Will a wandering Bride find a home in the arms of a doctor who is afraid to love? As clouds of the past gather, can the rays of love breakthrough and brighten the present? Doctor Sydney Carter has for years believed that the answer to said question is a resounding no. After losing his beloved sister, the good doctor has forsaken the very idea of love and struggles to contain his guilt for the happenings of that fateful night. When, however, a young lady named Isadora knocks on his door, he cannot possibly deny her his help.Becoming a Mail Order Bride has never been Isadora’s dream, yet she is aware of her dire predicament as she departs her hometown. When her husband-to-be never comes to meet her, she knocks on the door of Doctor Sydney Carter, hoping he can offer shelter not only to her but to her unborn child as well.As the two draws near, Isadora’s secret and mistakes of the past ...
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