A.Z Penn
ASIN: B099Q2G9P8
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Pages: 245

If you've ever watched the stock market spinning madly, stocks like GameStop going up 100% and then down 50%, and wondered whether you could take a slice of the action - the answer is yes!Learn how to trade based on what the charts tell you, and you can make great returns while limiting your risks. Marty Schwartz used technical trading to boost $40,000 to $20 million in a few years, and Ray Dalio (Bridgewater Associates) built a $10bn fortune setting up computer algorithms to look for good trades.And plenty of individuals are now using zero-commission brokers like EToro and Robinhood to make their own fortunes. For instance, EToro's details on some of their top traders show;Jay Edward Smith made returns of over 50% in 2019 trading stocks and cryptocurrencies;Olivier Danvel, a low risk trader, has a target 1% monthly return and hasn't had a single negative month in three years;Heloise ...
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