Faith Blakely
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 55

Twenty-eight-year-old Nina Simmons has been on the run from her abusive ex-husband for the past three years. She has been living another identity, repeatedly changing her name and looks over the years, so it’s been hard to keep track of all her aliases. To maintain a low profile and protect herself, she’s unable to stay in touch with her loved ones for fear that her ex might find her through them.But Nina faces a predicament when she moves to the picturesque town of Deep Ridge Bay. Will it be enough to stop her from running again? Meeting the town's most eligible bachelor and having him take an interest in her, she is confronted with a desire for a second chance at love. However, not everyone is happy for the new couple, though. And when they go digging her past, they find a few secrets that Nina thought she had buried.What happens when she thinks the past she has escaped comes ...
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