Uncle Bob
Publisher: Lhazey Publishing LLC
Pages: N/A

Are You Ready for Hours of Entertainment, Guaranteed to Tease, Trick and Train Your Brain?If yes, then keep reading!This fun and challenging riddle book will test the limits of your imagination. Starts with simple warm-up riddles before moving onto more hard riddles, guaranteed to help sharpen your logic, language, and problem-solving skills.This standout among riddle books features:350 Mind-boggling riddles — Will keep your minds engaged and learning while having tons of fun.Fun facts and illustrations — Explore fun facts that teach you cool new things, plus adorable and humorous illustrations.Clues and answers — Check the answer key which is right below each riddle.Includes riddles for teens and adults — Fun for everyone, find riddles the whole family can try.Get your kids away from a screen and focused on brain-boosting fun with this book.Scroll up and click the “Buy now” button and ...
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