Fontaine Argalion
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 202

The Village of Melunia is a calm and serene village in the western parts of the Realm of Almina.Home to one of the heroes who lead the charge against the Four Seasonal Fiends back in The War of the Autumn Equinox, and one of the few areas that can train acolytes in the field of Cosmic Arts; the first branch of magic The Goddess gave to humans, Melunia had many reasons to be proud of.The village's local delinquent, Xelgium Winterbourne, is NOT one of the said reasons. In fact, he'd go even so far as to sabotage a yearly village feast and destroyed half of the entire village singlehandedly!In turn, the vile boy was exiled for good; little did they know that he wasn't the worst bit of trouble that the entire village has to deal with when they begin to receive grim news from their neighboring village of Carm: A convoy of half-dead people whose death was caused by a common denominator: ...
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