Abby Ayles
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 824

A bookworm commoner. A charming healer. A lady bound by duty to her family. Three women finding love in the most unexpected ways… A Muse for the Lonely MarquessElijah Stevens, the Marquess of Pembrooke, and Meredith Lovet both like books in their own special way! He loves writing books and when a bookstore hosts a reading of his most recent book he meets her. She is the daughter of the bookstore owner and she loves a mysterious writer named Ethan Nevil Jones. He will find the muse he was searching for and she will find a charming stranger who will turn her life upside down! But when they have to deal with the gap of their social standings, will their love be strong enough to keep them together?A Healer for the Marquess’s HeartGeorge Bramer, the Marquess of Grimwood, is returning back home after hearing that his father was ill, but suddenly gets wounded from a carriage accident. Now only ...
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