Hazel Linwood
ASIN: B09B7753D6
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 380

“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.”Lady Isabel Barnet’s life was exceptionally normal...until the visions started. And she soon realises that if she is to make it through this Season, she must pretend to be a Lady like any other. A task that proves particularly challenging, however, when a handsome stranger, that everyone seems to remember but her, shows a peculiar interest in her.Percy Fitzroy, the Viscount of Baxton, is handsome, mysterious, and very familiar with the ways of the Ton. He is also hiding a big secret, one that he works diligently to guard. So when Isabel seems to see right through him, he is instantly intrigued.As the two spend more time together, forbidden feelings start to bloom. Secrets meant to stay buried come to the surface, and Percy makes a dangerous bargain to win more time. It is the most sacred and ...
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