Claudia Burgoa
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 275

He has it together.I’m falling apart.I came to the City with the dream to make it on Broadway.But instead of hitting it big, I couldn’t be at a bigger dead-end if I tried. I’m a receptionist at my little sister’s company and living with my grandfather. If it wasn’t for my family, I’d be destitute.When Hunter Everhart walks into my office, my life goes from bad to humiliating.He saved me on the worst night of my career. And for some reason, the big shot lawyer thinks he can actually fix my life.But he’s only seen the veneer. There are so many cracks, I can’t let him get too close.But for some reason when I’m with him, I feel something other than numb.And I’m starting to believe that he would do anything for me...if I let him.Even fall for me.Fall for Me is an inspiring contemporary romance of finding love and starting over after your world has fallen apart. This page-turning love story ...
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