Multi Linguis
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 105

Multi Linguis offers you the book 'Asturian‚ Azerbaijani‚ Belarusian Fifty-Words Dictionaries'. It includes translations of 50 frequently used nouns such as word‚ day‚ night‚ fire‚ water‚ sun‚ rain‚ wind‚ river‚ mountain‚ city‚ road‚ house‚ door‚ window‚ chair‚ bed‚ table‚ cup‚ knife‚ spoon‚ book‚ pen‚ coin‚ key‚ car‚ boat‚ shirt‚ pants‚ shoe‚ god‚ tree‚ flower‚ cat‚ dog‚ cow‚ bird‚ fish‚ man‚ woman‚ head‚ hand‚ eye‚ mouth‚ hair‚ tomato‚ potato‚ apple‚ bread and meat in these languages. This book additionally includes a guide to the Multi Linguis Project intended to help you learn about offered dictionaries and their structure. It contains lists of title languages arranged by groups and regions‚ as well as levels‚ themes‚ parts of speech and keywords used as headers. The Multi Linguis Project is based on the Wiktionary corpus. The database of the Learner's and Survival Dictionaries ...
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