Krystal Wallick
Publisher: Rainbow Wings Publishing
Pages: N/A

Have you ever lost control of your emotions?Sometimes it can feel like difficult emotions happening all at once are too hard to deal with. They swirl and clash together making you feel powerless to the feelings.Told in playful rhyme, My Feelings Are A Hurricane helps put words to the feelings and gives children coping skills to calm their hurricane.Written by an elementary school student and her mental health therapist parents, this is a perfect tool for parents, school counselors, and mental health professionals to support social emotional learning and development.What People Are Saying"My 8 year old really enjoyed the story and had fun practicing the different breathing strategies. She also shared some times when she’s felt out of control and how she dealt with her feelings. It opened communication between us about our feelings."- Jaclyn, Elementary teacher and mom"This book is so ...
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