T.J. Jones
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 403

The Gypsy: Beautiful, Deadly, Haunted. Alone against an army of assassins.Adam Cain: Big, dangerous, recently single. Maybe she doesn't have to fight alone.A mass shooting, an FBI coverup, and a wealthy madman with his own militia and a political hit list. Adam Cain is caught in the middle with only one person to trust; the beautiful and enigmatic woman that calls herself the "Gypsy". She has all the answers and a hit list of her own.All he wanted that night was to have a few beers with his best friend, forget about the Army, forget about Afghanistan, and forget that his latest girlfriend had just walked out on him. Then a beautiful woman sat down next to him at the bar, smelling of exotic perfume and pheromones. Cain was just starting to think his luck had changed, then all hell broke loose."The Gypsy stood suddenly and I stared up at her through the red haze that was clouding my ...
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