Meghan Sloan
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 401

Lady Cassandra Felton has dreamed of falling wildly in love all of her life. However, her parents have clipped her wings, picking a heartless husband for her and using her as a pawn to fill their coffers. When she meets Arthur Crowley, she realises that he may be the one who will uncover her hidden desires. Will her smouldering lust for him be enough to make her doubt her parents' choices?A beginning filled with passion...When Arthur Crowley, Duke of Sandringham, visits a friend in the Lake District, he has no intention of finding a wife. However, the moment he sees Cassandra, he is stricken with her naivety and her irresistible beauty. The only problem is that her father has already arranged for someone to marry her, even though his motives are murky. What is Arthur willing to risk in order to be with a woman so impossible to resist?But sometimes fate has other plans...Though their ...
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