Molly Maco
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 54

★★★★★She felt like no man would ever see her beyond her scars after losing her sense of beauty to a horrific tragedy...Now years out of foster care, she does not see any sign of romance in her near future, but her world is shaken when a mysterious lawyer shows up bequeathing her a resort on the shores of Florida, with a juicy bank account and unexpected, unsatisfying details...Should she put her trust in a total stranger?Annabeth has had a hard life, but... she and her best friends Gracelyn and Bethany, who all aged out of foster care together have started an employment agency and are thriving.While her friends are social butterflies, Annabeth prefers accounting, quiet offices, and solitude.With this surprising windfall, she will have to trust her gut, hesitant at first, she agrees to make a short trip to Florida to check things out – little does she know she wouldn’t be going home ...
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