Emma Linfield
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 352

A dressmaker in love, a Duke trapped in a loveless marriage, and the contract to stay away...When her dress shop is robbed and ransacked, Miss Magdalen Meighan is left penniless. Unable to pay for the damages, she does the only thing that comes to mind: ask the Duchess of Arpton for a job. There was only one stipulation in the contract: don't get close to the Duke.When Ezra Drogace, the Duke of Arpton, entered a marriage of convenience, he did not bat an eyelid, convinced that love is impossible for people of his status. Until his wife's new dressmaker arrives to challenge everything he has ever believed in.When omens of death show up outside their doorstep, Phineas realizes that his efforts to distance himself from his father's past were for naught. To atone, three lives must be sacrificed. Starting with Veronica.*If you like powerful Dukes, loving Duchesses and a marvelous depiction ...
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