C. Arthur Roberts
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 374

Jesse Rogers Junior thought his day couldn’t get much worse that cold February morning. He had just finalized a divorce that he didn’t want, then discovered that his elderly father had passed away that very morning. The unwanted phone call came from his father’s neighbor who checked on him daily. Realizing he had finally hit rock bottom he decided he needed to start his soul searching where his life had begun, in his childhood home. The task before him seemed daunting at first, but through his weeks of cleaning the house he found so many things that he had never knew about his father’s side of the family with all of its dysfunction.Nosing through old box’s of family photos and general junk he came across an unopened letter that his grandfather had written to his father. Excited, Jesse opened it to discover a veiled glimpse of the source of his father’s hatred toward his grandfather but ...
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