Janeen O'Kerry
Publisher: Seven Castles Publishing
Pages: 305

Scahta is queen of the Sidhe, the ancient, secretive people of Ireland's forests. But they are being destroyed by the Tall Invaders, whose iron weapons crush the bronze swords of the Sidhe.Believing a king can help her save her people, Scahta looks to the kind and handsome Anluan. But he carries the blood of both Sidhe and Invader, and there is a great rift in Scahta's tribe when she marries Anluan and names him king.Their tribe divided, the Invaders closing in, Scahta and Anluan are caught between two worlds. If they cannot bring peace to both, this last tribe of Sidhe will suffer the same fate as all the others and become lost forever.NOTE: Battlefield violence. Mild sexual content; no explicit scenes. This book was first published by Dorchester in 2001. It has been given a re-edit by the author, along with a new cover, but is the same story as the original novel.
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