Agnes Green
Publisher: April Tale Books
Pages: N/A

It's time to trick-or-treat with Boo, the little witch!She and her black kitten can’t wait to celebrate Halloween, their favorite holiday of all time!There are lots of things to do: decorate the house, buy candies, and, of course, find the best, biggest, and brightest pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern!While walking to the pumpkin patch, Boo meets her friends, little monsters, cute but spooky, who live in beautiful uniquely decorated houses. Everyone wants to join Boo on her journey. Everyone needs a pumpkin for himself. What could happen to threaten the celebration? Hurry up and read the book and find out!This funny story is written in rhyme and is easy to read and remember. Just perfect for bedtime reading! Every page was beautifully illustrated by talented artist Helen Potyomkina and will grab your attention while you look at all the details of the monster houses. Cute little ghouls ...
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