Sage Parker
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 77

“Where are you, Frank? What have you done?” From Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author...Julia Masterson has high hopes for a new beginning. Her husband, Frank, had promised to dedicate the rest of his life making their marriage work. Both newly retired, in their little beach cottage in Longboat Key, Florida, everything started out just as she imagined.Until he didn’t come home that night. Or the next.What began as romantic walks on the beach has quickly become a desperate search to find her missing husband. When local detective Brody Barker steps onto the scene, he’s determined to solve the case quickly and move on. But every lead is a dead-end.The closer Julia gets to finding out the truth, the further away she gets from wanting to know the answers.And just as the faith in her marriage starts to crumble, Brody realizes he is the only thing standing in the way of her and disaster.This ...
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