Val Saintcrowe
ASIN: B09C1B3874
Publisher: Punk Rawk Books (August 25, 2021)
Pages: 267

Pitch-black savage romantic fantasy for Reylos, Darklina shippers, and other readers thrilled by dangerous men.Two sisters.Two dark fae male captors.This is war, and they are the spoils.Prantia Onivia’s wedding feast is invaded by death fae rebels, who destroy everything in in their path and cut a bloody swath through the night. Onivia’s new husband is killed, as are her father and brothers. Her only surviving family member is her sister Magdalia.Magdalia is Favored, which means she is in possession of a rare and powerful magic. The Croith, the death fae’s Night King, wants to make use of her talents, so he has sent his armies to bring her to him. The sisters are separated.Onivia vows to save her sister. However, she is being held captive in a fae war encampment as the Centurion Larent’s prize. She is powerless to stop him from doing what he wishes with her, and she is marked for the ...
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