Alex Ander
ASIN: B09C9162YZ
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 81

The fast-paced action begins on page one in this suspenseful, adventure thriller/short novel where the owner of a real estate company fights to rescue his family during a terror attack at a shopping mall.Two days before Christmas, forty-one-year-old Tom Harper is separated from his wife and teenage daughter when the shooting begins. Now to save his family, this unexpected hero will have to meet the mob of fleeing shoppers head-on.First to spot her and Tom’s daughter, Cassidy, Meg Harper faces down the same horde of frightened customers, as she battles to save her only child.With gunshots ringing out, and bodies dropping all around them, if Tom and Meg can reach their ‘Cassie’ before the terrorists do, they’ll soon discover their nightmare is only just beginning.
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