Lacy Holland
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 116

This is the ultimate book to buy if you’ve been wanting to see what all the friends of yours have been talking about. They're right. When it comes to the genius of the wood pellet grill and the delicious meals to prepare using it, a delectable and hard-to-forget BBQ dinner for any occasion is guaranteed to dazzle anyone who reaches for a bite. The book is full of wildly creative and refined, with easy and more advanced recipes alike for those with taste buds in the right place. If you’ve been craving an introduction to a pellet grill, or are after new and game-changing tricks, tips, and recipes, look no more. Lacy Holland will introduce you to using pellet grills if you’re not yet familiar with how the magic works. Holland shares the secrets to turning any ingredient from your fridge into the most ambrosian, and satiating treats for your family and guests.In addition to the health ...
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