Alina Vincent, Ian Foster, Huda Baak, Dr. Jane Cheng, Candas Barnes, Erin Arnold, Aneta Chencinski, Diann Alexander, Carmen Gélinas, Marie Gibson
Publisher: Business Success Edge
Pages: 282

Use the Power of Leverage to Scale Your Business, and Remove the Ceiling on How Much Money You Can Generate and How Many People You Can Impact!When you began your journey as an entrepreneur, you probably planned to build your business through hard work, grit, and determination.All of those are great, and they can help you reach your goals.But they’re not everything. If you rely on those things alone, you’ll likely create success … but chances are, you’ll also be exhausted, stressed, and limited in terms of income and reach.On the other hand, when you create true leverage—in every area of your business—you can scale your company as big as you want to!It is possible when you have the right strategies and mindset in place.Inside the pages of Leverage Your Expertise: 16 Entrepreneurs Share Their Small Business Success Stories, you’ll discover exactly what you need to do so you can enjoy ...
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