Marina DelVecchio
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Pages: 113

"Sumptuous prose and a mind-blowing twist will make sure that readers don't forget The Professor's Wife, an unsettling psychological thriller wrapped in a provocative dark romance." -IndieReaderCarl Bingham is a lonely British Literature Professor who has sworn off love and sex since an affair with a student at Skidmore College almost lost him his tenure and reputation. Camilla is a young artist who sits in his classroom, mesmerized by his voice and appearance. Despite their age difference, they fall in love, marry, and feed each other's physical and emotional needs. But when secrets and betrayals begin to threaten the bond they have forged and have found nowhere else, how far will each go to keep the other from disappearing?The Professor's Wife is about enduring love and the darkness that lives in all of us when it is threatened by the unexpected twists and bends of life itself.
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