Solomon Carter
Publisher: Great Leap (August 22, 2021)
Pages: 660

TWO GRIPPING DETECTIVE MYSTERIES BROUGHT TOGETHER IN A NEW KILLER SET…BOOK 1: THE POISON PATHA BODY IS FOUND ON THE BEACH BENEATH SOUTHEND PIER. DETECTIVES HOGARTH AND PALMER ARE CALLED TO THE SCENE.The body belongs to deadbeat actor, Gareth Manning. Initial clues suggest accidental death… but Manning had plenty of reasons to live… and Hogarth soon discovers that the body under the pier isn’t the only mystery in town.No one knows why Gareth Manning died but everyone in the film crew has a theory. Manning was a drinker, a wastrel with a history of falling apart. But Manning had ambition too. DI Hogarth, DS Palmer and DC Simmons must work through the clues and layers of lies… but the deeper they delve, the murkier the mystery gets.A sinister plot is in the offing… Will DI Hogarth be lured into the trap?BOOK 2: THE DEADLY KISSDI Hogarth is on the hunt. But the DI is not the only one ...
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