Kris Taft Miller
Publisher: unknown
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This tale follows our friend the Anxious Avocado as he encounters his various friends, from the Concerned Cookie, the Worried Waffle to the Panicked Peach and more! Each one of his friends offers him advice on how to help deal with his anxiety about starting at a new school.Each friend describes a memory of a time when they had anxiety about something and a technique they used to help them deal with their feelings and calm down. For example, the Confused Cocoa teaches his friend to take deep breaths when you feel stressed and pretend you are blowing on a hot cup of cocoa!Six techniques for dealing with daily anxiety are covered in the story in a fun and age appropriate way that helps children remember them when they need them.Kris Taft Miller is a former Disney Animation designer who owns a graphic design agency. She loves avocados and she loves her two sons and her husband. One of her ...
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