Paul Nelson
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 40

This book is in no way an effort to complain or draw attention to myself. In 2020-2021, this planet experienced, and is still experiencing, a global pandemic. (Covid 19) This deadly virus killed millions around the world. Many more have been infected with this horrible illness and have survived, but so many have suffered permanent health issues due to Covid. It has been painful to watch. Another victim of the pandemic has been the social life we all came to take for granted. We were unable to socialize, forced to isolate ourselves in the relative safety of our homes, and wear masks to protect ourselves and others when we did venture out. This lack of socializing, although hard on everyone, was catastrophic for those with mental disabilities, like my son, Michael. Michael is autistic and non-verbal; however, he is extremely social. I watched him regress daily. His Obsessive- Compulsive ...
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