Kristi Davis
Publisher: Babysteps Publishing Limited
Pages: 62

Being redeemed means to be set free, you no longer have to perform or live in the shadows of your past.You are a new creation when you become redeemed.As you are walking through life, no matter how far off the path you’ve gone you can always come back, starting with your next step.Looking around it seems people are living a life of fear rather than leading a life of faith. We have more products and opportunities now than ever before, yet seem to be unhappy and unfulfilled.Do you feel stuck, like you are missing something and yearning for change?Do you find you are always comparing yourself to others and not happy when you look in the mirror?We have the power to create a life of genuine happiness that we have always dreamed of. It is a light that we can unlock within ourselves to shine so brightly that even others will see.Within these pages, Author Kristi Davis shares her personal ...
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