Avis Kalfsbeek
Publisher: Elisabet Alhambra Productions
Pages: 228

Is there hope in climate catastrophes? Feisty Camas and her strong pal Tilly are back in Planeteering, Book 5, of Pedro the Water Dog Saves the Planet. A wild adventure race through ten national parks threatened by fossil fuel interests, a Green Amendment to the Constitution, nationwide climate protests… reveal strength, hope, love and peace.On a global One More Year tour of the greenest countries to reduce overconsumption, Tilly and Camas discover orienteering. Between running through forests and over streams and mountains, an Icelandic sage suggests Tilly also visits the least environmental countries. Orienteering leads Camas to adventure racing. She competes on a team with three smelly men in the Parklands Enviro-Climate Challenge, a televised adventure race covering ten national parks in twenty-one days that tests her strength, relationships, and spirit. With the help of a spunky ...
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