Martha Edwards
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 135

You have just found Voodoo for Beginners — A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to learn the Realms of Voodoo from A-Z. Have you ever been curious about ways to interact with the divine? Do you wonder if you could have more control over your life? Are you fascinated by Voodoo, yet afraid to look into it because of apprehension or mainstream propaganda? Do you sense that you may find the answers to all your problems by following the way of Voodoo? Then this book is for you.Learn the rich and magical truth about Voodoo and how it came to be.Discover the Loas and Saints and how they can help make your life better.Get all the information you need to start your very own Voodoo practice.Learn the secrets of Psalms and how powerful they can be in your life.Understand how to permanently rid yourself of negative energy that keeps you from thriving.Learn the right tools you'll need for doing Voodoo ...
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