Arjun Agarwal
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 95

Periodically throughout Lumise's history the byzantine factions of the city — or some significant subset thereof — will become collectively fixated upon some objective. Thus will begin a Great Game.Sometimes the goal of the Great Game is to acquire somthing of arcane importence, sometimes it would be a place of power and other times, The goal is very much a secret known to a few.This is very much the case with the current Great Game. At first it was mearly known that Lord Octvener had hidden somthing big in Lumise before his left for the Ten Pen Peaks. But it was long before the players realized it was a vault. When the vast scope of his embezzlement — a half a billion gold! — came to light, however, its pursuit became even more frenzied.But not many knew of or were intrested in the procedings of this grand game. Six such destinies were going to be intertangled at a quite morning in a ...
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