Prisha Singh
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 234

The Mystic Power of Chakras: Discover 11 Bulletproof Techniques for Solving Your Financial Struggles Through Your Root Chakra Transform Insecurity, Procrastination, Indecision, and Inequality into Attraction-Affirming, Debt-Mastering, and Security-Building Money Management and Become a Free, Balanced Woman Ready to Embrace Her True Potential at Home, at Work, and at Play. Would having more money make you a happier person? Before you answer, forget about the whole “money doesn’t buy happiness” thing. This only applies to depressed billionaires who already have so much of it, another million or so doesn’t really make a difference for them. But to regular folks who have to live from paycheck to paycheck, having more money would definitely make life easier and more pleasant. But how can you boost finances when you don’t have enough capital to invest in some business, or you already work two ...
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