Jesse Appollo
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 182

Be kind to your wallet: grow your own food. Do you want to eat healthier and fresher vegetables without worrying about added chemicals? Are you looking to save a ton of money on those expensive organic vegetables at the store? Have you always wanted to become a master of gardening? Gardening is gaining popularity day by day as many American households make the switch towards self-grown sustenance. The beauty of having your own garden is the flexibility to grow vegetables anywhere you want -- and that really does mean anywhere. Whether you’re in a tiny studio apartment or you have your own piece of land, an urban garden is just what you need. A window ledge… a balcony... a small backyard… a sunny corner of your kitchen: whatever space you have, you can make it work. Not only will you gain a new and unique skill, but you can incorporate healthy, fresh and nutritious vegetables into your ...
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