Lilly Wilder
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 193

I Thought He Was Just An Asshole – A Sexy Asshole – But An Asshole, All The Same, Turns out he’s a dragon.And there are hundreds of them living in the woods, hidden away from human society.They’re split into two clans: the Aetos and the Ragnis.And I’m the key to total warfare between them.Why?Because someone wants me, and he can’t have me.Did I happen to mention that this is the same asshole I vowed to hate for the rest of my life?Yeah, it’s complicated.To make matters worse, there was another guy thrown into the mix.Vern is cute and funny – everything a girl could ever want.But to have him, I have to have them both.They both need me to breed for their clan.But Lyle Stokes will always be my enemy.The only thing that might be stronger than my hate for Lyle is my craving for Vern.This story was formerly titled Fire In Their Hearts
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